If somebody had told me a month ago that I will be the victim of identity fraud, cyber-defamation and character assassination I would never have believed it.

But weeks later I find myself embroiled in a war that has led me to soliciting the services of a high profile defamation lawyer to go after the perpetrator, an individual who’s identity is already known (thank goodness).

We have also reported the individual to Action Fraud and other agencies and the net is already closing in around his despotic neck.

I have therefore decided to pioneer this movement as a way of assisting the wider public in the fight against all forms of crimes and bullying which all now takes place online.

As a child in School I remember bullying taking place in the playground and often times a fight would break out as a result but that was as far as it got.

Today the fight has gone digital and people from all walks of life have now found themselves victims of online abuse, slander and bullying which has led to multiplied thousands of people either falling into deep depression or even taking their own life.

I am hearing of young children who have committed suicide because they were bullied by their peers online and the pressure got so much that they could not take it anymore and decided to take their own lives.

This is how low some people have sunk to. One thing I must say about cyber-bullies is that they’re the biggest cowards on the planet.

Many of them hide their true identity and create fake email addresses and user names and under the cloak of “supposed” anonymity, begin to assault and terrorize innocent people.

The individual that I have now taken to court is as despotic as they come.

He actually used my own name, photographs and personal information about me to set up fake Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook pages and used those forums and mediums to slander me and my businesses.

He also set a wordpress blog using my name and my Photograph to continuous his slander and online propaganda.

A coward in every sense of the word, a vermin that did not even have the boldness to show his real identity, but because of technology he was able to be traced and now has incriminated himself.

My question is, how many more people are suffering as a result of these cyber-killers?

How many of our young people are either contemplating or have actually committed suicide because of online bullying? Enough is enough, and something has to be done about these wicked and evil cowards who’s sole purpose in life is to destroy the joy and happiness of individual people.

I want you all to join the movement. I want you all to know that you’re not alone and that together we can generate enough momentum to finally drive these creatures out of the internet.

Many questions are being asked about how to protect oneself and identity whilst online, as the internet has become more “real” than the real world and it has become the place where people form their opinions about people and places.

The internet is certainly here to stay and they’re a lot benefits associated with it, but the side effects are also becoming a major snare in the world. The checks and balances are not as strong as they should be, and companies such as facebook, twitter and Linkedin need to introduce tougher measures in terms of verification of the identities of their users, because unfortunately anybody with an email address can set up any other above pages, and the email address is probably not even real.

Whilst we push for tighter controls on the social networks, we as a people need to stand together and begin to take the fight directly to these cyber-bullies and criminals because the internet was not created for them, it was created to connect the world and to advance human relations and progress.

It is a wonderful tool when it’s in the hands genuine and credible people but in the hands of criminal cowards and cyber-bullies it becomes an instruction of death and destruction.

This movement will not only serve as a rallying point for those who have been victims of vicious online attacks, but will also be a source of information for those who want to protect their friends and loved ones from these online predators……….


Legal Assistance: We have engaged the services of several high profile Libel and defamation Lawyers who are experts in fighting cyber-bullies and killers, so if you require legal advice or if you are a lawyer and you would like to offer your services to the victims of these cyber-bullies and cowards then please kindly get in touch
Tell your story: If you have been a victim of slander, defamation and bullying on the internet and you would like to share your story, then please feel free to email us with the full story, and with your permission we would also like to publish your story unto the forum so that others can learn and offer support.
Testimonials: If you’ve successfully dealt with an online bully we would love to hear your success story, as this will encourage the rest of those who are still at various stages of their battle, and to let them know that truly, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.