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Cyberglobix responds to needs by providing accessible and dynamic services that extend beyond technology to encompass people, culture, processes and even the physical environment to make your business as resilient as possible against the threat of cyber attacks.

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At Cyberglobix we work in an exciting space, and we create technology solutions like nothing else out there. We are passionate about our work, and share our skills in a team environment. As a managed security provider, we are always looking forward, running to opportunities, and solving needs with solutions that work. We strive to meet customer needs with teams that exceed expectation. And we work hard, because we know everyone around us is working hard, too.

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A limitless cyberspace, zero boundaries and eroding national borders is just the beginning of cyber threats. It is clear that it now represents one of the most serious economic and national security challenges we face as a nation. Cyberglobix aims to realise the democratic possibilities of this new technology. We are committed to providing cyber security information, best practices, training and awareness programmes to provide you with the ability to act sooner, to predict and prevent. We can and must rise above all as the Safety in the 21st century will heavily depend on our actions today.


What is cyber bullying?

Being bullied online and advice on what to do

Cyber bullying is any form of bullying which takes place online or through smartphones and tablets. Social networking sites, messaging apps, gaming sites and chat rooms such as Facebook, XBox Live, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and other chat rooms can be great fun and a positive experience. But what do you do when things go wrong?

Cyber bullying is rife on the internet and most young people will experience it or see it at some time. In our recent national bullying survey, 56% of young people said they have seen others be bullied online and 42% have felt unsafe online. Cyber bullying can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it can go viral very fast.



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This is the act of sending offensive, rude, and insulting messages and being abusive. Nasty or humiliating comments on posts, photos and in chat rooms. Being explicitly offensive on gaming sites.


This is when someone may send information about another person that is fake, damaging and untrue. Sharing photos of someone for the purpose to ridicule, spreading fake rumours and gossip. This can be on any site online or on apps. We even hear about people altering photos of others and posting in online for the purpose of bullying.


This is when someone is purposely using really extreme and offensive language and getting into online arguments and fights. They do this to cause reactions and enjoy the fact it causes someone to get distressed.


This is when someone will hack into someone’s email or social networking account and use the person’s online identity to send or post vicious or embarrassing material to/about others. The making up of fake profiles on social network sites, apps and online are common place and it can be really difficult to get them closed down.

Outing and Trickery

This is when someone may share personal information about another or trick someone into revealing secrets and forward it to others. They may also do this with private images and videos too.

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There is no such thing as an innocent bystander and if you have seen someone being cyber bullied online, you can report it to the online site or app. Ignoring it may feel like the easiest thing to do but the person who is being subjected to that bullying may need your help and support to get it stopped. Most sites now have a report button which is something you can do and this will send the bullying comments to the site to investigate.


Paul Okade is an advocate of speaking up against cyberbullying



I have therefore decided to pioneer this movement as a way of assisting the wider public in the fight against all forms of crimes and bullying which all now takes place online.

As a child in School I remember bullying taking place in the playground and often times a fight would break out as a result but that was as far as it got.

Today the fight has gone digital and people from all walks of life have now found themselves victims of online abuse, slander and bullying which has led to multiplied thousands of people either falling into deep depression or even taking their own life.

Paul Okade

Paul Okade, cyberglobix

I am hearing of young children who have committed suicide because they were bullied by their peers online and the pressure got so much that they could not take it anymore and decided to take their own lives.

This is how low some people have sunk to. One thing I must say about cyber-bullies is that they’re the biggest cowards on the planet.

Many of them hide their true identity and create fake email addresses and user names and under the cloak of “supposed” anonymity, begin to assault and terrorize innocent people.

Paul Okade

Paul Okade

CEO of cyberglobix, cyberglobix